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Marketing to Chinese in NZ is currently ‘green fields’ and lucrative. However this market can be hard to reach by our traditional media and social media due largely to the language barrier and its own internet ecosystem. For Kiwi marketers, NZ Chinese marketing is important due to the fact that this segment is just going to keep growing, they are high spenders and are an important gateway to China.

A key way to market to the Chinese is through digital and social media marketing. In China, internet users grew last year to approximately 731 million people, yet China’s cable TV subscription base by comparison has grown to only 313 million as of 2016.  

China is also ranked fourth worldwide, with 40% of population who have bought something online via a phone.

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Furthermore, with the unique ecosystem in China, WeChat has risen to be the app to rule them all.

WeChat is arguably the most powerful app in the world. In November 2017, Tencent, the parent company of WeChat became the first ever USD$500Billion technology company and in doing so, has surpassed Facebook’s valuation.

Watch this video to get an idea on the power of WeChat

Watch this video to get an idea on the power of WeChat

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What is WeChat?

WeChat is owned by Tencent and  is the mobile 'super app' that rules them all. It combines the functionalities of calls, instant messaging, mobile payment, social media, publishing, games and more. Half the users on WeChat spend more than 90 minutes a day on the app. It is the one app that Chinese young and old cannot do without today.

So how does WEChat impact on NZ businesses?

Only in the last 18 months or so that NZ businesses can truly utilise WeChat as the core of their marketing. This is because part of Tencent’s growth strategy is to ensure that the almighty app can be used by Chinese whether they are in China or abroad.  

With this, Tencent has appointed local WeChat Service Providers that will offer a payment solution (i.e. WeChat Pay- NZ businesses transacts in NZD and the Chinese pays for it in RMB) as well as creating WeChat Official Accounts (Business pages) that a business owns outright.

Marketing Minds is partnered with PayPlus, a Tencent authorised WeChatService Provider in New Zealand. This means that we are able to develop a number of WeChat solutions that NZ business can easily understand and adopt in order to increase the engagement from Chinese clients. 

These solutions broadly fall into three categories- WeChat Pay,  WeChat Marketing and WeChat Monitoring. 

WeChat Pay, WeChat Marketing and WeChat social monitoring solutions can be adopted together or separately. This allows businesses to prioritise resource with needs and start with any of these, together or separately. 

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1. WeChat Payment

Both on-line and off-line. By offering your Chinese clients the ability to pay for services such as business purchase deposits using WeChat makes it easy for them to easily access their funds through their WeChat wallet. 

Email us info@marketingminds.me to find out more about WeChat Pay. 

2. WeChat Marketing

By utilising a Chinese Marketing strategy with WeChat at the core, businesses will be able to build awareness and to sell its products and services specifically to the local Chinese consumer. The key tools available within WeChat to achieve this include; 

  • WeChat Official Account (OA) – works like your company Facebook page, can be customised to suit 
  • WeChat Vouchers – tactical call to action to encourage shares and drive traffic 
  • WeChat Communication – your content published via the official OA account 
  • WeChat Ads – targeted advertising in various OA or in Moments of desired target segments 

An ideal WeChat marketing strategy should also consider an external campaign to generate WeChat OA followers, shares and virality. This would include the use of other channels or media, influencers and more.

3. WeChat Social Monitoring

Also, known as social listening, our bespoke WeChat monitoring tool allows an organisation to monitor activities within WeChat. This is critical for New Zealand businesses as it gives you insight into the conversations around your brand as well as competitor activities. 

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to chat to us about an integrated Chinese marketing solution with WeChat at the core.